How to use 'My Tasks'

This is a guide on how to navigate 'My Task'

On the left, you will find the sidebar menu with the different features that Talk 5 offers you and your team. 

Click 'Task' and then click 'My Task'  to display a list of all your task 


 'My Tasks' helps you manage all your created task. This feature organises a list of every task ever created and categorises them according to task name, assignee, status, date it was assigned, date it was last updated, date it was completed, a pdf copy and an option to archive or delete. 

Enter the 'Job Number' of the task or select the assignee from the 'Assigned to' drop down menu or select the status of the task from the 'All' drop down menu to filter information

TIP: You can use either one, two or all three of the filters boxes to search your information


From this page you can also create a new task. 

Click on '+ Create a task' button on the right side of the page.