How to 'Add Sites'


Here we'll show how to add a new Site and grant access to your account and their contractors.

Once logged in, click in the left navigation pane. Then click 'Add Sites'

Adding a new Site consists of 4 main stages:

1. Site details 

2. Site contacts

3. Compliance

4. Add Contractors

Let's go step by step

1. Site details

  • Type the new site name.
  • Search site Address and it wil automatically fill in all fields.
  • Check all Site details are correct and click the blue 'Next step' button.

2. 'Site contacts' tab

  • Select your Primary and Secondary contact.
  • Click the blue 'Next step' button.

3. 'Compliance' tab

  • Select Sign-in Audit Task

  • Select Sign-out Task

    * If a new Task is needed, click on

 For further assistance creating a new Task, go to How to create Tasks

  • Under 'Compliance', tick the checkbox if compliance is required for this Site.
  • Select Audit Task for Site compliance.

    * If a new Task is needed, click on

  • Click the blue 'Next step' button.

4. Contractors

  • Click the blue '+ Add a contractor' button.

A new window will pop up

  • Type the contractor name to find them in the Talk 5 Database.

If contractor is in the list, select their name and all contractor details fields will be filled in automatically.

If contractor is not in the list, click on and the window will expand automatically.

      • Type the contractor name to find the company name.

      • Add Contact details.

      • Click on the blue "Add" button.

Once a contractor has been added, 'Contractors' tab will look like the following:

On this page, you can:

- Edit/view contractor details by clicking on 

- See Invite status

- Resend an invite by clicking on


If you need further assistance, contact our support team