How to use 'My sites'

This is a guide on how to navigate 'My Sites'

On the left side, you will find the sidebar menu, containing all the different features that Talk 5 offers you and your team. Click 'Sites' and then click 'My Sites'. It will display a list of all your sites and will look like the following:

Let's go over the different options you have on this page 

1. Edit/view sites

You can edit/view sites depending on your access level.

2. Site compliance

An overview of compliance status of all of your sites.

    • Site is not compliant
    •  Site is compliant
    • No compliance required

3. Site documents

You can view/add Site documents by clinking on 'view'

    • To add documents:
      1. Click on '+ Add a document'

2. Add document name, choose file and add a brief description.

3. Click on the blue 'Upload' button

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.