How to use 'My employees'

Here we'll show you how to view all of the employees (users) you manage.

On the left side, you will find the sidebar menu, containing all the different features that Talk 5 offers you and your team. Click 'Employees' and then click 'My Employees'.

Below you can observe an example of 'My employees' page which displays a list of all the employees you have added and their details.


Let's go over the different options you have on this page 

  • Search box

You have different filter boxes:

    • Enter the 'Employee ID'
    • Select position from the 'Select' drop down menu or
    • Enter employee name to filter information.

Tip: You can use one, two or three of the filter boxes to search your information

  • Edit

You can edit employees by clicking on the edit icon

  • See employee activity

This option allows you to see all employee details (Licences, Sign in/out activities and reports) by clicking on the employee name 


If you want to explore more this feature, go to How to view My employee's activity?

  • Invite to join Talk 5

If you would like to invite an employee to join Talk 5, just click on

Once invite has been sent, it will automatically change to Resend 

  • See App Access, invite and log in status

You also can see App access, invite and log in status 

  • Delete employees

You can delete employees users by clicking on the icon

  • Add new employees

You can add new employees (users) by clicking the blue '+ Add a New Employee' button.

Alternatively, you can click on 'Add employees' in the left navigation pane. How to add a new user?