How to add new Employees (users)?

You've just signed in and now you want to add new employees (users). Here is how!


1. Once logged in, click “Employees” in the left navigation pane. Then click “Add Employees".



2. Enter all Contact details.


Note: Can't find a preferred language? click on "Here".

If you need assistance, go to How to set language preferences.


3. Enter Employee position and Employee ID (Optional)

Note: Can't find the position you are looking for? simply click on "Create it here".

If you need assistance, go to How to create a new position?


4. Give access to the user:

  • Click the “Grant access to App” checkbox and " and "This employee is an Admin" when needed.
  • Create a Username. 
  • Generate password.


Note: As an Admin, you can add other admins if you wish to do so.


5. Then click the blue “Save” button.


Note: Each time you add a new Employee, the system will send them an email, prompting them to download the Talk 5 App.


Alternatively, you can watch this video.

HubSpot Video